I’m Jed!

Hello! My name is Jed. I’m a cockapoo pupper, and this is my online blog.

Through this website you can keep track of my exploits and adventures.

I was born on 11th April 2017. This is a picture of me, my 5 brothers and 3 sisters with our Mum, Dolly the day after I was born. I’m told my Dad, Brian (a chocolate poodle), was off doing dog-stuff. I’m not sure which one is me, but it’s more-than-likely that I have my snoot in the trough!


It’s me again!

I have just returned from Teignmouth. No photos, I am afraid, as dad forgot to take his phone!

It was a bit chilly there and the tide was coming in. Lots of big splashes onto the promenade but I managed to avoid getting wet.

Mum and dad said that there was a 1.5 mile rabbit run on in aid of the scouts. I thought that that sounded fun. Lots of rabbits and I was sure that if I chased them they would certainly all get their best times ever! When I run, I run very fast and with me behind them they would too was my reasoning. What a disappointment! Lots of people wearing rabbit ears and rabbit tails. Little people, bigger people and even bigger people! Rabbit ‘run’ was a bit of an exaggeration as some of them hardly seemed to be moving. I couldn’t even be bothered to chase them as it just wasn’t worth the effort and, instead, I made friends with some of the other dogs that were around.

I’m feeling a bit jaded now so I think that I might take a nap and perhaps dream of what might have been if there had been real rabbits, in Teignmouth.


Hi! It’s me again!

Hi Folks,

Sorry that I haven’t been in touch for a while. Mum said that I hadn’t done much that was interesting but it seems that people missed my blogs so here I am again!

I am now two! Humans seem to have celebrations and CAKE on their birthdays but what did I do? I went to be groomed. Claire, my groomer, and I get on well but I don’t like mum and dad leaving me so I shake a bit when I am put on Claire’s table. I am now half the dog I was which is just as well with the heat we ae experiencing at the moment!

The weather this weekend has been fantastic, so I thought I would tell you about what I have been up to. On Thursday we travelled to Devon and, on Friday, I was taken to one of my favourite places – Coleton Fishacre. All the little people seemed to be on an Easter egg hunt but I was not allowed. Nevertheless, the plants here were really colourful and the scents…..!

We walked all the way down to the view over the cove, but mum held on to me as it is still quite a long way down.

The walk back up was a lot slower and more leisurely for mum and dad, but I was rushing off ahead and then back to them and off again! Here I am in the borders amongst the bluebells.

Yesterday, mum and dad took me to Tavistock. It wasn’t fair though as they both had a ‘full English’ breakfast at the outdoor café. Mum did give me a bit of sausage ( nothing from Dad I noticed) and that bacon smelled fantastic as well. Now, mum’s knees were hurting a bit from the walk back up at Coleton Fishacre (lots of steep steps) so dad had this great idea that a walk at Lydford Gorge would be a cure! Now, what do you find at Lydford Gorge – yes, lots of steps (3308).

This is me waiting as mum and dad com down the steps – why can’t they run like me?

The views near the Devil’s Caldron were really good , although dogs weren’t allowed to explore as much as I would have liked. This is me on the bridge.

Today, we continued our tour by visiting Castle Drogo. The walk through the woods was really rather good with lots of ‘sniffs’.

My favourite as always, was the ivy and there was lots of that! Mum and Dad did talk about walking to Fingle Bridge, but there is a long climb down and climb back, so they settled for a coffee at the restaurant instead. Have to say that I was ready for a bit of shuteye by then too. I believe that I am due for another walk now so I had better get my walking paws on again.

Happy Easter everyone! I notice that I didn’t get any, by the way. I am sure that one can buy dog chocolate Easter eggs! My deprivation could be due to the fact that I am being choosy ( ‘downright awkward’, says mum) over my food!
Back soon!


Another glove this week!


I have been enjoying a week in Devon, mainly in mum’s company as dad has been doing something called ‘decorating’. Not sure what this is but it seems to involve him in wearing different clothes that mum says are ‘absolutely splattered in paint’ and ‘disgusting’. His vocabulary seems different, too, especially when washing the brushes /rollers and he managed to splash the blinds in what mum says is ‘natural calico’ coloured water! I kept my head down!

I have been having plenty of walks to keep me out of the way of the ‘action’ whatever that is. Mention of not having a ‘natural Calico ‘coloured dog as well have been heard. I like the walks here. Plenty to sniff! Lots of people who talk to me and lots and lots of other dogs to meet when walking. Best of all was today when I recovered another glove (presently chewing it) . I’ve been tracking it for a couple of days but mum took her eye off it today and it was in my mouth instantly. This one is a black woollen one with red stripes round the wrist. I’ll add it to my treasure trove.

The sun is shining brightly although it is cold outside, mum says. I have a warm, furry coat so don’t notice it. Think I’ll just curl up in this patch of sunlight and have forty winks. I’ll just tuck the glove under my head in case anyone tries to remove it!


First of the winter

Up to my glove finding tricks again. As it’s the first of the season I thought that I would go for a festive one!

Hope you had a happy Christmas and all good wishes for 2019!


Not me, m’lud

Look at the lawn! We went away for the weekend and discovered this on our return. Apparently the rooks had descended, stripped back the grass and eaten the chafer grubs. There were five such areas on the lawn. Luckily I was with mum and dad all weekend so they knew that I could not have done it. (Mind you, I quite enjoy sniffing around the area but with memories of the ‘snow’ in my head I am trying to behave myself, for a bit, so haven’t ‘diggered’ there yet.

I had a really great weekend and with four people to stroke me (and feed me titbits) I was really pampered. I abandoned my daytime/evening naps so that I was around to enjoy the maximum amount of stroking. We did some quite challenging walks and, by yesterday, I could hardly keep my eyes open. I slept all evening and I had a good night’s sleep, too. Of course, I am now ready for more action but, I have to say that, I am really missing the double dose of attention to say nothing of the extra nibbles.

Oh yes, met one human at the weekend who wanted to stroke me. I’m normally quite happy about that but I was highly offended when he called me a labradoodle. Does he not know the difference? I am much more refined. I do not scavenge! I sit at the feet of someone who is eating and I gaze at them mournfully (as if I haven’t been fed for a week rather than being hungry because of my habit of ignoring my food). With my cute , pleading look I soon get some reward. Mum and dad’s friend gave her husband a piece of her scone. When she saw my look she took the scone back from him and fed it to me! It was very tasty but I am not sure that I am as popular with him. Better work on cultivating that friendship although I am good at knowing on which side my bread is buttered!

Not quite sure what I shall do this afternoon. Dad mentioned something about ‘cleaning an ‘oven’. Not sure that I have had chance to experience that yet so, maybe, I’ll give him a paw. Alternatively, if he is busy I could do some diggering. I’m sure that if I gaze up at where the rooks are he will blame them instead of me.

The sun is shining through the window and there looks to be a real sun trap a few steps away. I’ll curl up there for a bit. Dad is obviously not ready to start the oven yet as he is sitting in his chair with his mouth open. His breathing is very measured so I think that he must be asleep again………… He will tell mum that it is because of the ibruprofen he is having to take because of his swollen foot but I don’t think that she believes him!


Oh Dear!

Hello, hello, hello!

Mum was on the phone and I know I shouldn’t interrupt so I set off to find something to do and hey! Look! It’s snowing! I managed to get mum’s bag of soft toy stuffing which had been put out of my reach (ha ha)and I decided to take it for a walk – it became a run when I realised that mum had seen what I was up to! Must think of something to do that will get me back in her good books! I’m lying low at the moment.

‘They’ who must be obeyed (well, most of the time) have been doing something called ‘recall’ training with me. They call my name and I have to come to them immediately and then I get some chicken(yum). Apparently I was getting good at this and then mum realised that, indoors, I was coming to her before she called me. No, it wasn’t telepathy rather me understanding that before she called me she was opening the fridge door to get the chicken out so I was going to her when I heard the door open. Who’s a clever clogs, then?

I sense that there is a cloud hanging over me so I don’t think I am forgiven for the ‘snow’. Maybe I’ll lie by mum’s feet and have a doze!


Knit 1, slip 1, drop 99

Mum was out this afternoon and dad was in the garden so I thought that I would go and help him. He was pulling things up ( he called them ‘weeds’) so I thought that I would pull things up as well. My teeth couldn’t get hold of those ‘weed’ things so I decided to pull up the sticks that dad had ‘forgotten’ to take out. Then I noticed that he was diggering. Now, that is my speciality, so I started to help. I made sure that I was just where dad was working but my help wasn’t appreciated and I was taken into the house, something about bulbs not being good for me but I know that and I never try and eat them.

Later, mum arrived home and I was sitting mournfully by the back door. She stroked me and talked to me and I didn’t feel so unappreciated. It was good to have her home until I remembered…… I didn’t follow her upstairs as I usually do and then I heard ‘oh Jed!’

Whilst I was shut in the house I discovered that Dad hadn‘t shut the utility room door properly and I managed to get in there. With super canine energy I managed to reach up to the worktop and grabbed mum’s knitting bag. I took it half way upstairs so I could investigate in peace. What fun! I pulled loads of wool apart and the ball of wool rolled down a few stairs. I also managed to bite through the nylon strand of a circular needle, too, according to mum. I gather that this wasn’t a good thing to do. Something about ‘stitches being off the needle, or something. Dad felt a bit guilty and said that he would get mum another needle tomorrow. She said ‘not to bother’ in a strange voice. I think that perhaps dad and I will be looking for a new home. Any offers?

I’m keeping my head down for a while but I expect dad will put his foot in it!


My thoughts on doormats!

Hi everyone,

1. They’re fun
2. They make good tug toys
3. They guarantee that I will get attention.

Let me explain – there is a doormat (sometimes) by the back door to the garden. There should always be a doormat there but sometimes it is on the lawn. This is what I mean. I get hold of a corner and tug it and, lo and behold, it’s outside. That’s where the fun and the tugging comes from. As soon as I get it on the lawn one can guarantee that I will hear mum’s/ and or dad’s voice calling me. Admittedly, they sound a bit cross but it is attention and I can soon win them round. Asking for a stroke is a guarantee and when I go weak at the knees in ecstasy they have to carry on stroking me. I have that down to a fine art!

I have a bit of a problem at the moment but I am working on it. The original doormat was an absolute doddle to move. Ten times a day, at least, no problem to me! A new heavier doormat was purchased. This had a rubber surround. The weight was no problem to yours truly and the two corners I chewed were very tasty. It was on the lawn in no time at all. We seem to have the original back in place at the moment. I heard dad proudly telling mum that he would put an end to my shenanigans by attaching the mat to the floor with double sided tape. When I saw the original mat in place I was quite pleased. It took a bit more tugging than before but I have mastered how to get one side on the move. The side that is under the door (the door is usually open) is posing a bit of a problem to little me. I think I need the door to be shut and then I will be able to do it. I still get plenty of attention as I can move it sufficiently to get it out of place but not outside. Won’t be long before it is back on the lawn, of that I am sure.

I was taken to Lepe ( the seaside) today. I had great fun and there were so many divine smells and lots of doggy friends to greet.

Me at Lepe – and, guess what? I was diggering!

Who, me?

I am very tired now and I am having forty winks, whilst dreaming of doormats. When I wake up I think it will be food time ( it had better be!) Beef today, with all the trimmings! Yum, yum!

Bye for now!


My dug out!

Hi everyone!

Autumn is in the air and this young dog’s thoughts are on diggering. Dad and I have a good system going- he plants the bulbs and I dig them up! I am sensible enough to know not to eat them so I am grateful when he marks the spot where he plants them with a bamboo cane. Now, they are good for chewing on. Come to think of it he seems to have stopped using canes – maybe he thinks that I am so good at finding the bulbs that I do not need clues or canes come to that!

Anyway, the diggering urge overcame me this morning. First I dug a hole down the side of the house. I unearthed a few bulbs and then I tried to bury my ‘toy of the moment’. Next I dug an enormous hole under a shrub. I was pleased with how far I managed to spread the soil but I think that I was the only one to be pleased! I did leave the geranium in place but it was covered in soil. I think that it was the biggest hole that I have ever dug! I sat in it and it was really comfortable. I was really pleased with myself until I saw Mum and dad’s faces and I heard the word ‘bath’. Apparently, if dogs had knees I was filthy up to mine. I gave mum a run round the garden as I didn’t really want a bath. I was lucky though as I managed to get away with just a leg wash, well, a four leg wash, really.

I am now sleeping off my adventure and planning tomorrow’s whilst also dreaming of my lamb dinner which should be arriving any moment now if my servants haven’t forgotten!


Sorry for my absense

Sorry that I haven’t been in touch for a while. I have been away at the seaside. One day, Mum and Dad took me to a place called Compton Fishacre in Devon and this is me looking out over the bay – and the picture below is me looking adorable!

Since then, it has been far too hot to sit in front of a computer! Much better to spread myself on the coolest floor I could find. Mum says it’s amazing how long I am when laid out! Anyway, it’s cooler now and wetter; well, it is today anyway. I can make muddy paw prints all over mum’s floor again!

I was trimmed again last week. Claire, who did me last time, had to go into hospital so someone else had to be found. Dad said he didn’t know dog groomers were so popular. Anyway, I have been shaven and shorn! I have had so much fur taken off that my harness has had to be adjusted. That’s never happened before! It feels much cooler and I have loads of energy and wickedness within me.

Mum thinks that she has now found some food that I will eat (we’ll see about that). I was on kibble which I loved until I was 11 months old. I decided then that I didn’t really like it any more. The vet man said I was ‘trying it on’ whatever that means. Having not eaten for two days my kibble was changed. I tried it but didn’t really like it and so it went on. Anyway I am now trying some cooked ‘real’ food. I had chicken, peas, carrots, beans and potatoes today. I think that I like the beef and lamb best but I also have chicken and turkey so plenty of variety.

I have started on the level 2 training classes now. I really have to concentrate hard at the class and I am exhausted afterwards but, generally, I am making progress apparently. I sit and stay beautifully at home but I am not so keen on mum leaving me when I am at the class. I get lots of treats though so it is worth trying!

I have been in Devon for the weekend. Mum and dad took me to the Lost Gardens of Heligan yesterday. It was good fun and there were lots of interesting smells. I really, really, wanted to go on the rope bridge but I wasn’t allowed to. I am sure that I could have managed it but it was not to be. Oh yes, I nearly had my nose bitten by a pug yesterday (that’s what mum said it was). Most dogs, like me, are pleased to see each other but this one snarled and snapped so I gave him a wide berth!

I will have to finish and have a doze, I think, as I have chewed up three squeaky toys today and that was quite hard work. Actually, it was tiring because I kept having to run from dad as he kept trying to get the toys off me. Mind you, his speed is nowhere up to mine! I really can go some when I want.