Sorry for my absense

Sorry that I haven’t been in touch for a while. I have been away at the seaside. One day, Mum and Dad took me to a place called Compton Fishacre in Devon and this is me looking out over the bay – and the picture below is me looking adorable!

Since then, it has been far too hot to sit in front of a computer! Much better to spread myself on the coolest floor I could find. Mum says it’s amazing how long I am when laid out! Anyway, it’s cooler now and wetter; well, it is today anyway. I can make muddy paw prints all over mum’s floor again!

I was trimmed again last week. Claire, who did me last time, had to go into hospital so someone else had to be found. Dad said he didn’t know dog groomers were so popular. Anyway, I have been shaven and shorn! I have had so much fur taken off that my harness has had to be adjusted. That’s never happened before! It feels much cooler and I have loads of energy and wickedness within me.

Mum thinks that she has now found some food that I will eat (we’ll see about that). I was on kibble which I loved until I was 11 months old. I decided then that I didn’t really like it any more. The vet man said I was ‘trying it on’ whatever that means. Having not eaten for two days my kibble was changed. I tried it but didn’t really like it and so it went on. Anyway I am now trying some cooked ‘real’ food. I had chicken, peas, carrots, beans and potatoes today. I think that I like the beef and lamb best but I also have chicken and turkey so plenty of variety.

I have started on the level 2 training classes now. I really have to concentrate hard at the class and I am exhausted afterwards but, generally, I am making progress apparently. I sit and stay beautifully at home but I am not so keen on mum leaving me when I am at the class. I get lots of treats though so it is worth trying!

I have been in Devon for the weekend. Mum and dad took me to the Lost Gardens of Heligan yesterday. It was good fun and there were lots of interesting smells. I really, really, wanted to go on the rope bridge but I wasn’t allowed to. I am sure that I could have managed it but it was not to be. Oh yes, I nearly had my nose bitten by a pug yesterday (that’s what mum said it was). Most dogs, like me, are pleased to see each other but this one snarled and snapped so I gave him a wide berth!

I will have to finish and have a doze, I think, as I have chewed up three squeaky toys today and that was quite hard work. Actually, it was tiring because I kept having to run from dad as he kept trying to get the toys off me. Mind you, his speed is nowhere up to mine! I really can go some when I want.