My dug out!

Hi everyone!

Autumn is in the air and this young dog’s thoughts are on diggering. Dad and I have a good system going- he plants the bulbs and I dig them up! I am sensible enough to know not to eat them so I am grateful when he marks the spot where he plants them with a bamboo cane. Now, they are good for chewing on. Come to think of it he seems to have stopped using canes – maybe he thinks that I am so good at finding the bulbs that I do not need clues or canes come to that!

Anyway, the diggering urge overcame me this morning. First I dug a hole down the side of the house. I unearthed a few bulbs and then I tried to bury my ‘toy of the moment’. Next I dug an enormous hole under a shrub. I was pleased with how far I managed to spread the soil but I think that I was the only one to be pleased! I did leave the geranium in place but it was covered in soil. I think that it was the biggest hole that I have ever dug! I sat in it and it was really comfortable. I was really pleased with myself until I saw Mum and dad’s faces and I heard the word ‘bath’. Apparently, if dogs had knees I was filthy up to mine. I gave mum a run round the garden as I didn’t really want a bath. I was lucky though as I managed to get away with just a leg wash, well, a four leg wash, really.

I am now sleeping off my adventure and planning tomorrow’s whilst also dreaming of my lamb dinner which should be arriving any moment now if my servants haven’t forgotten!