My thoughts on doormats!

Hi everyone,

1. They’re fun
2. They make good tug toys
3. They guarantee that I will get attention.

Let me explain – there is a doormat (sometimes) by the back door to the garden. There should always be a doormat there but sometimes it is on the lawn. This is what I mean. I get hold of a corner and tug it and, lo and behold, it’s outside. That’s where the fun and the tugging comes from. As soon as I get it on the lawn one can guarantee that I will hear mum’s/ and or dad’s voice calling me. Admittedly, they sound a bit cross but it is attention and I can soon win them round. Asking for a stroke is a guarantee and when I go weak at the knees in ecstasy they have to carry on stroking me. I have that down to a fine art!

I have a bit of a problem at the moment but I am working on it. The original doormat was an absolute doddle to move. Ten times a day, at least, no problem to me! A new heavier doormat was purchased. This had a rubber surround. The weight was no problem to yours truly and the two corners I chewed were very tasty. It was on the lawn in no time at all. We seem to have the original back in place at the moment. I heard dad proudly telling mum that he would put an end to my shenanigans by attaching the mat to the floor with double sided tape. When I saw the original mat in place I was quite pleased. It took a bit more tugging than before but I have mastered how to get one side on the move. The side that is under the door (the door is usually open) is posing a bit of a problem to little me. I think I need the door to be shut and then I will be able to do it. I still get plenty of attention as I can move it sufficiently to get it out of place but not outside. Won’t be long before it is back on the lawn, of that I am sure.

I was taken to Lepe ( the seaside) today. I had great fun and there were so many divine smells and lots of doggy friends to greet.

Me at Lepe – and, guess what? I was diggering!

Who, me?

I am very tired now and I am having forty winks, whilst dreaming of doormats. When I wake up I think it will be food time ( it had better be!) Beef today, with all the trimmings! Yum, yum!

Bye for now!