Oh Dear!

Hello, hello, hello!

Mum was on the phone and I know I shouldn’t interrupt so I set off to find something to do and hey! Look! It’s snowing! I managed to get mum’s bag of soft toy stuffing which had been put out of my reach (ha ha)and I decided to take it for a walk – it became a run when I realised that mum had seen what I was up to! Must think of something to do that will get me back in her good books! I’m lying low at the moment.

‘They’ who must be obeyed (well, most of the time) have been doing something called ‘recall’ training with me. They call my name and I have to come to them immediately and then I get some chicken(yum). Apparently I was getting good at this and then mum realised that, indoors, I was coming to her before she called me. No, it wasn’t telepathy rather me understanding that before she called me she was opening the fridge door to get the chicken out so I was going to her when I heard the door open. Who’s a clever clogs, then?

I sense that there is a cloud hanging over me so I don’t think I am forgiven for the ‘snow’. Maybe I’ll lie by mum’s feet and have a doze!