Not me, m’lud

Look at the lawn! We went away for the weekend and discovered this on our return. Apparently the rooks had descended, stripped back the grass and eaten the chafer grubs. There were five such areas on the lawn. Luckily I was with mum and dad all weekend so they knew that I could not have done it. (Mind you, I quite enjoy sniffing around the area but with memories of the ‘snow’ in my head I am trying to behave myself, for a bit, so haven’t ‘diggered’ there yet.

I had a really great weekend and with four people to stroke me (and feed me titbits) I was really pampered. I abandoned my daytime/evening naps so that I was around to enjoy the maximum amount of stroking. We did some quite challenging walks and, by yesterday, I could hardly keep my eyes open. I slept all evening and I had a good night’s sleep, too. Of course, I am now ready for more action but, I have to say that, I am really missing the double dose of attention to say nothing of the extra nibbles.

Oh yes, met one human at the weekend who wanted to stroke me. I’m normally quite happy about that but I was highly offended when he called me a labradoodle. Does he not know the difference? I am much more refined. I do not scavenge! I sit at the feet of someone who is eating and I gaze at them mournfully (as if I haven’t been fed for a week rather than being hungry because of my habit of ignoring my food). With my cute , pleading look I soon get some reward. Mum and dad’s friend gave her husband a piece of her scone. When she saw my look she took the scone back from him and fed it to me! It was very tasty but I am not sure that I am as popular with him. Better work on cultivating that friendship although I am good at knowing on which side my bread is buttered!

Not quite sure what I shall do this afternoon. Dad mentioned something about ‘cleaning an ‘oven’. Not sure that I have had chance to experience that yet so, maybe, I’ll give him a paw. Alternatively, if he is busy I could do some diggering. I’m sure that if I gaze up at where the rooks are he will blame them instead of me.

The sun is shining through the window and there looks to be a real sun trap a few steps away. I’ll curl up there for a bit. Dad is obviously not ready to start the oven yet as he is sitting in his chair with his mouth open. His breathing is very measured so I think that he must be asleep again………… He will tell mum that it is because of the ibruprofen he is having to take because of his swollen foot but I don’t think that she believes him!