Another glove this week!


I have been enjoying a week in Devon, mainly in mum’s company as dad has been doing something called ‘decorating’. Not sure what this is but it seems to involve him in wearing different clothes that mum says are ‘absolutely splattered in paint’ and ‘disgusting’. His vocabulary seems different, too, especially when washing the brushes /rollers and he managed to splash the blinds in what mum says is ‘natural calico’ coloured water! I kept my head down!

I have been having plenty of walks to keep me out of the way of the ‘action’ whatever that is. Mention of not having a ‘natural Calico ‘coloured dog as well have been heard. I like the walks here. Plenty to sniff! Lots of people who talk to me and lots and lots of other dogs to meet when walking. Best of all was today when I recovered another glove (presently chewing it) . I’ve been tracking it for a couple of days but mum took her eye off it today and it was in my mouth instantly. This one is a black woollen one with red stripes round the wrist. I’ll add it to my treasure trove.

The sun is shining brightly although it is cold outside, mum says. I have a warm, furry coat so don’t notice it. Think I’ll just curl up in this patch of sunlight and have forty winks. I’ll just tuck the glove under my head in case anyone tries to remove it!