It’s me again!

I have just returned from Teignmouth. No photos, I am afraid, as dad forgot to take his phone!

It was a bit chilly there and the tide was coming in. Lots of big splashes onto the promenade but I managed to avoid getting wet.

Mum and dad said that there was a 1.5 mile rabbit run on in aid of the scouts. I thought that that sounded fun. Lots of rabbits and I was sure that if I chased them they would certainly all get their best times ever! When I run, I run very fast and with me behind them they would too was my reasoning. What a disappointment! Lots of people wearing rabbit ears and rabbit tails. Little people, bigger people and even bigger people! Rabbit ‘run’ was a bit of an exaggeration as some of them hardly seemed to be moving. I couldn’t even be bothered to chase them as it just wasn’t worth the effort and, instead, I made friends with some of the other dogs that were around.

I’m feeling a bit jaded now so I think that I might take a nap and perhaps dream of what might have been if there had been real rabbits, in Teignmouth.


Hi! It’s me again!

Hi Folks,

Sorry that I haven’t been in touch for a while. Mum said that I hadn’t done much that was interesting but it seems that people missed my blogs so here I am again!

I am now two! Humans seem to have celebrations and CAKE on their birthdays but what did I do? I went to be groomed. Claire, my groomer, and I get on well but I don’t like mum and dad leaving me so I shake a bit when I am put on Claire’s table. I am now half the dog I was which is just as well with the heat we ae experiencing at the moment!

The weather this weekend has been fantastic, so I thought I would tell you about what I have been up to. On Thursday we travelled to Devon and, on Friday, I was taken to one of my favourite places – Coleton Fishacre. All the little people seemed to be on an Easter egg hunt but I was not allowed. Nevertheless, the plants here were really colourful and the scents…..!

We walked all the way down to the view over the cove, but mum held on to me as it is still quite a long way down.

The walk back up was a lot slower and more leisurely for mum and dad, but I was rushing off ahead and then back to them and off again! Here I am in the borders amongst the bluebells.

Yesterday, mum and dad took me to Tavistock. It wasn’t fair though as they both had a ‘full English’ breakfast at the outdoor café. Mum did give me a bit of sausage ( nothing from Dad I noticed) and that bacon smelled fantastic as well. Now, mum’s knees were hurting a bit from the walk back up at Coleton Fishacre (lots of steep steps) so dad had this great idea that a walk at Lydford Gorge would be a cure! Now, what do you find at Lydford Gorge – yes, lots of steps (3308).

This is me waiting as mum and dad com down the steps – why can’t they run like me?

The views near the Devil’s Caldron were really good , although dogs weren’t allowed to explore as much as I would have liked. This is me on the bridge.

Today, we continued our tour by visiting Castle Drogo. The walk through the woods was really rather good with lots of ‘sniffs’.

My favourite as always, was the ivy and there was lots of that! Mum and Dad did talk about walking to Fingle Bridge, but there is a long climb down and climb back, so they settled for a coffee at the restaurant instead. Have to say that I was ready for a bit of shuteye by then too. I believe that I am due for another walk now so I had better get my walking paws on again.

Happy Easter everyone! I notice that I didn’t get any, by the way. I am sure that one can buy dog chocolate Easter eggs! My deprivation could be due to the fact that I am being choosy ( ‘downright awkward’, says mum) over my food!
Back soon!