It’s me again!

I have just returned from Teignmouth. No photos, I am afraid, as dad forgot to take his phone!

It was a bit chilly there and the tide was coming in. Lots of big splashes onto the promenade but I managed to avoid getting wet.

Mum and dad said that there was a 1.5 mile rabbit run on in aid of the scouts. I thought that that sounded fun. Lots of rabbits and I was sure that if I chased them they would certainly all get their best times ever! When I run, I run very fast and with me behind them they would too was my reasoning. What a disappointment! Lots of people wearing rabbit ears and rabbit tails. Little people, bigger people and even bigger people! Rabbit ‘run’ was a bit of an exaggeration as some of them hardly seemed to be moving. I couldn’t even be bothered to chase them as it just wasn’t worth the effort and, instead, I made friends with some of the other dogs that were around.

I’m feeling a bit jaded now so I think that I might take a nap and perhaps dream of what might have been if there had been real rabbits, in Teignmouth.