The mystery of the hose

Do I turn the handle first or would it be better to have a chew at the other side? I know that when dad does something lots of water comes out but I’m not sure what he does as I am usually sent indoors. I like jumping in the water and drinking it but dad doesn’t seem to like me doing this. Something about ‘ being a nuisance ‘ is what is said about me before I am sent indoors. I am not a nuisance but I’m merely trying to add to my experiences of life. It’s how I learn but, apparently, I learn the wrong things very quickly. Just shows what an intelligent doggo I am, does it not?


That’s a bit cooler

Spent a couple of hours with my new groomer, Claire, and now I feel much better. My coat had grown very long in the last seven weeks. Dad kept cutting the hair around my eyes but it grew back very quickly again. I have had a much closer cut this time but I am still very soft and I reckon I’ll still turn a few heads. It’s much cooler, too. By the time Claire had finished she and I were knee deep in hair! Apparently I was very well behaved ( aren’t I always?). It was quite exhausting and when I reached home all I wanted to do was to stretch out and sleep.


Here we go again!

Mum was busy packing a bag yesterday afternoon- my blanket (what’s going on here?); a stuffed Kong (that looked interesting and smelled good); a plastic container with cheese and sausage in it (that’s more like it) and my lead. ‘Mmm, what’s happening? I wondered. I was put in the car. Wasn’t sure that I wanted to go as my best friend Chris was visiting but I noticed that Mum’s bag also went into the car and the thought of the cheese and sausage won me over.

After a short journey mum put my lead on me and led me into a building. I met someone called Leah. She was nice- I reckon she knows other dogs. Four other dogs joined me with their people- two were cockapoos, like me. Not so handsome of course, but passable. I had to sit down and listen while Leah talked and then I realised! Another training course! Well! I was put through my paces. I had to lie down and leave some food alone until mum had said I could have it. I’m good at that game and I was given lots of treats. I had to sniff a flat hand and then I was given another treat. This was growing on me! Next I had to walk round the room but I wasn’t allowed to touch any of the interesting things on the floor. Mum kept saying ‘leave’. I soon realised that if I left things alone I was given another treat. The last game didn’t really interest me so I tried to bow out. I had to go on my blanket and, if I did, I was given a treat. I was feeling rather full and a bit tired so I lay down and just watched the others but mum said that I am very good at going in my crate when she says ‘ Jed, bed’ so she wasn’t too bothered. We all went home then but I heard Leah say ‘see you next week’. I was so tired, and full, that I slept very well last night.

Today I have had Chris to myself all day as Mum and dad had to go to something called ‘a funeral’. I looked after Chris very well so he gave me treats. I was a bit upset when I heard mum’s voice on the phone but they did come back and I had lots of fuss, from Chris, so all was well with the world and more importantly, with me.

I’m finding it a bit hot at the moment as my fur has grown really quickly but mum says I am going to be groomed soon and I am going to meet a new groomer. I hope that she believes in treats!


My Day Out

Hello, everybody,

I have had a lovely day! Mum and dad took me to Tavistock today. They had breakfast outside there but I had to sit under the table which, actually, I did willingly as it was shaded there and, then, someone stood on my tail! I yelped a bit but he was a nice man and he said ‘sorry’ and stroked me so I forgave him and wagged my tail so I think he felt better about it.

After some shopping, which I enjoyed because lots of people stroked me, mum and dad took me for a walk by the Tavistock canal. That was funtastic! I saw river chickens and some baby ones, fish, birds and lots of dogs. I am enclosing some photos to show you how great it was. I was a bit tired when I reached the car and so I slept all the way home and some more. Now I am ready for more action! Should be about time for my evening walk. I’d better round up mum and dad. By the way, you will have seen that I have recovered well from my visit to the vet man last Saturday. I asked mum to write a note to him to say ‘thank you’. She did and then he phoned up to ask her to thank me for my note and to say, again, how good I had been.

Now, where are mum and dad?

When I see something I like I lift my paw up. This time I had seen a pigeon on the side of the canal and I was wondering whether to join him (I wasn’t quite brave enough).


What a degrading experience!

Here I am again none the worse for my experience yesterday. Let me explain! Mum and dad had noticed that I was having trouble doing my poo and they said that I seemed very lethargic too so I was taken to the vet-man yesterday. He said something about the fact that I hadn’t been trimmed enough on my backside and this was stopping me pooing properly. I was constipated apparently.

Mum had to hold me while the vet- man stuck a needle in my backside. He said I would scream because it would hurt so much but mum cuddled me and I only gave a little whimper- well, it did hurt. I felt very sleepy and I think mum left me there. When she came back about an hour later I was feeling not quite with it. My legs didn’t seem to want to go where I wanted them to. I had a very sore bottom as well and I couldn’t sit down properly. They said that I had been very good but I don’t know what I was very good at as I can’t remember anything!

Once home I felt very sleepy and, in fact, I slept until about 5pm with just an occasional whimper. Apparently the vet man had said that I had to have chicken or scrambled egg for my tea and I love chicken so I forgave him a bit for hurting me. I found that if I gave a mournful look mum took pity and gave me another piece of chicken. I woke at 2.30 am and 5.30 am. Mum came to me each time although I am sure dad said, as I was going to bed, that they would take turns if I woke up.

Today I feel much better. I have to have cream on me twice a day but that is soothing. Mum and dad took me for a long walk this morning by the river and into the water meadows. There were lots of smells. I enjoyed it! Below is a photo of me on the walk.

When I returned I just wanted to sleep but Jess came to see me and she wanted to give me treats so I thought I had better try and stay awake. I made up the sleep this afternoon and I think I will have another doze now as I have been out for another walk.


Here I am again!

Hello again everyone!

Apologies for the delay in updating my blog. This hot weather needs to be enjoyed and I have been finding it far too hot to sit in front of a computer. Also, life is so exciting I don’t get a lot of spare time.

Since I was last in touch I have been groomed again. I have to say that it takes about two hours of my time, and it’s a bit boring, but I do feel better afterwards. I have seen a lot of Chris as he looks after me if mum and dad go out for a long time (actually I look after him but don’t tell him I said that). I make sure he gets plenty of exercise by taking things into the garden that shouldn’t go into the garden. He was quite worn out chasing a coaster that I took out on Saturday. I like to see him though so I try not to make him cross in case he doesn’t come again.

I have been to the seaside at Lepe and at Teignmouth. You can see, from the next photo, that I am nearly brave enough to put my paw in the sea.

The bluebells in the park next to my Devon Home have been beautiful and I have enjoyed smelling them.

I have visited Stansted Park, for a walk, and I like going to the local recreation ground as I see lots of friends there. I have been to Totnes too but there seemed to be lots of human legs to get past. Some decent smells, though.

I have a new game I play indoors. It is called ‘sit down before dad does’. If I see him walking towards a chair I rush by and sit on it first. I can’t play this game with mum as she is a bit faster than dad but I manage to beat dad every time!

Today has been a beautiful day again!

Mum and dad decided to take me to the New Forest. This is me getting ready for my 2.5 mile walk. Well, mum and dad did 2.5 miles but I think that I did about 5 or 6 miles.
This is me at the start of the walk.

I had lots of new smells to investigate and I had great fun. Sometimes mum and dad wanted to move on before I was ready but, generally, I managed to get my own way!

I had a bit of problem with mum and dad. I felt that they were a bit slow at times and I had to wait for them when really I wanted to be off. I waited though as it was good of them to take me out.

I can’t tell you all the exciting things I saw but here are some of them- muddy puddles, fallen leaves and trees, horse poo (although I was always pulled away from that for some reason), stagnant water and an animal that was much bigger than me and it had a person on its back. When I first saw it I thought that I would go up to it and say ‘hello’ but as I ran closer I realised just how big it was so I hid behind mum’s legs instead and peeped out.

At one point mum and dad sat down and I had to look at dad beseechingly in order to get them to move again- it worked!

When we finished the walk we went back to the car and I had a bowl of water. Next they took me to an outdoor tea room where there were lots of other dogs. I was so shattered that I found a cool spot under the table and didn’t socialise at all. The tea room people gave me a dog biscuit which I enjoyed. That is now on my list of places to return to in the not to distant future.

I expect that you can guess what I have been doing this afternoon. That’s right! Snoozing!


Dog duties

Us dogs like routine and well, frankly, this weekend was an abomination!

Firstly, my brother Chris came down on Friday. Nobody had told me that he was coming, and I simply wasn’t prepared. I need to prepare for the level of excitement that comes with having visitors, and I was taken quite off-guard.

Saturday brought more disruption. Mum & Dad went out for the day, and so I was left having to look after Chris and make sure he didn’t get into any mischief.

I explained to Chris how Mum & Dad now let me up on the chair, but how there was no need to double-check this with them when they got home.

As he was a guest I let him give me quite a lot of tickles and, as he seemed to enjoy it, I would keep nudging him to indicated that he could provide more (if he wanted).

We also played ball in the garden, although Chris was rubbish. He would throw the ball, and I would run my fastest to go and get it. But then (and how daft is this?), then he would want me to give him the ball back. When I did, he would then just throw it away again! I mean, make your mind up – do you want the ball or not?!

To add to my confusion, Chris then added a second ball. Whilst I would fetch and take the ball that he didn’t want away with me, he’d then throw a different one. I’d then have to run after that one, to help him get rid of it.

What is a dog to do? I only have a little mouth, and care barely fit one ball in it. To expect me to deal with two was pure craziness!

After looking after Chris all day, Mum & Dad got home. Not only had they just got in the door, but there was then lots of loud thunder and flashing lightning. The thunder made my paws shake, but I was very brave and made sure Mum & Dad weren’t too scared.

This morning we went for a walk, down by the river in Winchester. I saw my frens the river chickens. There were lots of other dogs about, and I made sure i said hello to everyone. We also went for a drink at the Cathedral cafe, and a nice lady gave me a biscuit. It was a big biscuit though, and I had to use the full power of my little chops to bite into it. The effort was worth it though, readers – it was yummers!

Chris has now gone back home, and so it’s just me, Mum & Dad. I wonder what they have planned for this afternoon. I’m hoping it’s tummy rubs!

Well that’s me for today, pup fans. Hope you’re all enjoying the lovely weather.

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Happy birthday to me!

Hello! I am a year old today! Mum and dad say that they can’t believe it! The birthday card was a picture of me as I came to live with mum and dad. Chris sent it to me. I’ve grown a lot, haven’t I?

Chris bought me the birthday cake and I have just enjoyed a little. I could have eaten the whole cake but I was rationed. I ate half my breakfast and I haven’t eaten any tea yet but that cake was deeeeee- lishus! I turned the bowl upside down in the hope that more might appear but no luck. There is a bit of a niggle in my tum and I might have to eat a little food soon but I’ll hold out as long as I can. Why can’t food taste like birthday cake?



Found out!

As you know, I have always been a dog who enjoys his food – until recently, that is. When I was eleven months old mum opened a new bag of food and put some in my bowl. I rushed up, as always, sniffed it and then decided not to eat it. Mum smelled it and thought that it smelled strong. From then on I started to ‘be awkward’ with my food, mum would say. I prefer to say that I was deciding to be more assertive.

As I was due to change foods at a year old mum and dad, after consulting with the assistant, in my favourite pet shop (they always give me a biscuit!) found another food for me. I ate it all the first night (well I was ravenous). The next morning was a different story! I have been taking longer and longer over my food. Slivers of cheese were put to tempt me. I showed that I was adept at eating the cheese and leaving the food.

Last Wednesday Chris came. He was worried that I hadn’t eaten all day and he bought me some chicken. Boy, oh boy, was that good! I ate the chicken and left the food! Now I knew that there was chicken in the fridge I ignored the food. Mum ordered me some ‘tailor made’ food on line but that would take a day or two to arrive. I could tell that everyone was worried about me so I played on that a bit.

On Friday mum and dad went to the pet shop again to see whether it would be better to change me onto wet food. If that meant more chicken I was all for it! Sadly, the assistant said that once I started on wet food I would never go back to dry food so mum and dad decided to try a different brand of dry food. If they had known the on line food was arriving today they wouldn’t have bothered. I ate it all last night as, again, I was ravenous. This morning I didn’t want to know it.

Mum took me to the vet man today. She was sure that there was nothing wrong with me physically but thought she ought to check. £45 worth later she heard that I was in ‘perfect health and ideal condition’. I had to lie on the table whilst the vet man told a few home truths about me and my age! The indignity of it! She was told that male dogs of between 9 months and 15 months start to assert themselves (that’s me, folks). The vet-man said she would have a battle ahead that she needed to win. Apparently my food is to be put down and left for 5 minutes and then taken away. This is to be repeated at night and forever until I learn that she is going to win and I am not. If I don’t learn I might have to be neutered (whatever that means) although the vet man said he wouldn’t really want to do that and would probably give me a temporary implant instead which would control my testosterone level. I’m just repeating what I heard. I don’t really know what it all means but I think it probably all means that my assertiveness must stop or I am in for a hard time all round.

The new ‘tailor made’ food has now arrived. I tasted a little at lunch time and it was alright ( won’t say any more than that at the moment). I’m off to have a sleep now whilst thinking about my next move. Do I give in or hold out? You’ll hear in due course!



This is me after my adventures at Teignmouth, on Sunday. I’ve just jumped up on the sofa for a bit of much needed shut-eye but I don’t think anyone has seen me. Don’t tell anyone, will you?